I think there a incompatibility with "title" and "entity translation" modules

every time I postponed a node publication with scheduler, when it get published, it loses its title


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Could you give a few more details? There is not much to work with here. Is the title shown in the 'scheduled' list before the node gets published?
If you think the problem is with another module then maybe it should be posted on their board? Have you tried disabling the other module then testing again?

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we think the problem is the integration of scheduler with title module
the problem rise when a unpublished node (correctly viewable by admins) get published with scheduler
in this case, the title is empty
we don't know if the problem is due to scheduler or title module, we think it up to you tell tell this point
all other modules integrate well with title and entity translation
so we think, personally, that it a scheduler's fault

we haven't tried to test scheduler and entity translation+title modules alone yet
but we can set up a test site in case of need

thanks in advance

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Please could you post a link to the title and entity translation modules you are using? I've had a quick search within the modules section are there are several which modify titles - I need to know which one exactly you are using. I've not got any set-up for language translation or anything like that, so it might take a while to investigate, but I'm happy to try.


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Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)

Closing this issue as it is nearly five months and the original poster has not come back with a link to the exact module they are using.
Please re-open if you can give us a link to the project page for the module(s) you are using.

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See #2339221: Title missing on publish for more discussion on this.