I have a field collection (built using the Field Collection module):

  • term reference (autocomplete tag) Symbol field_symbol
  • text field Placeholder 1 field_placeholder_1
  • text field Placeholder 2 field_placeholder_2

The term has fields: title and description.

The goal is to:

  • show Placeholder 1 field and make it required when description of the term contains %1
  • show Placeholder 2 field and make it required when description of the term contains %2

I defined a Field Collection dependency - please see the attached file - but I cannot make it look into the description field instead of title.

Also, I'm uncertain (UI-wise) how the boolean is constructed in this dependency.
I would like to be able to group the criteria pretty much as in Views. The table here does not reflect it clearly. Seems like it is one big chain of AND'ed conditions, whereas my goal is to have two conditions each consisting of two steps (visibility + required).

Is there anything I'm missing or have I hit limitation of the module?

placeholder_dependency.gif21.08 KBmoniuch
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