pp, who is the developer of stated on the Hungarian Drupal forum that he will not update his sandbox project, Media and Plupload connector anymore, because it was just an inspirational, experimental project, but many users are still trying to make it work (as it can be seen in issue queues, forums), while there is a working project, Media Multiselect, which is continuously developed (I'm using it, and it works fine for Media+Multiform+Plupload connection).

I think we should spare some time for these users (I've also spent half an hour unnecessarily with trying to make it work), with removing "Media and Plupload connector (sandbox)" from the list of "Modules which are integrated with Plupload".

Thanks in advance!


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Both projects are sandboxes, which means that are both treated as experimental. Modules that are reasonably stable should definitely be promoted to full projects.

I marked Media and Plupload connector as abandoned, but left it on project page.

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Thanks, much better! :)

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.