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The Printer, e-mail and PDF versions module allows you to generate the following printer-friendly versions of any node:

  • Web page printer-friendly version (at
  • PDF version (at
  • Send by-email (at

where nid is the node id of content to render.

A link is inserted in the node (configurable in the content type settings), that opens a version of the page with no sidebars, search boxes, navigation pages, etc.

By editing the default print.css or specifying your own CSS file and/or the print.tpl.php files, it is possible to change the look of the output page to suit your taste. For a more fine-grained customization, it is possible to set per-content-type and/or theme-specific templates which are searched for in the following order in the Drupal 7 version:

  1. print--[format]--node--[type].tpl.php in the theme directory
  2. print--[format].tpl.php in the theme directory
  3. print--node--[type].tpl.php in the theme directory
  4. print.tpl.php in the theme directory
  5. print.tpl.php in the module directory (supplied by the module)

(format is either html, mail or pdf, and type is Drupal's node type (e.g. page, story, etc.)).

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