We need a new (temporary) project page for while we are still working on 4.x and a final solution that will basically get rid of most of the references to 3.x... I want to not only re-design the project page (and give it a new, fresh logo @see #1730090: Slick Omega Logo) but I also want to simplify it and remove all the noise/cruft from it. We don't need to brag about websites that were created using Omega on the project page. There is no value to that. We can move that part to an issue for example and then link to that issue on the project page. That way people even get a way to explain their use of Omega and show-case their client projects much better. This is just an example of the changes that I would like to see on the project page. This issue is open for discussion.

Who wants to take over this issue and take the lead on it?


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This is part of the 4.x documentation effort. Assigning to me. Use this thread to suggest changes.

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I've set up a Google document over at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-l7qZNXtsb-rL9C8suFX0qwv5tpsXeYm0KUT...

Whoever want's to help with this effort please get in touch with banghouse and post your e-mail address here so I can give you access to the Google document.

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We've completely updated the project page a few weeks ago so looks like this one is fixed!

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.