When this field is excluded from display, it does not render anything as a token.

at line 129 of views_field_view_handler_field_view.inc, remove this piece of code:

function render($values) {
-    if (!empty($this->options['exclude'])) {
-      return '';
-    }
    $displayType = $this->view->display_handler->get_style_type();
    $currentDisplay = $this->view->current_display;


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Can I get someone to confirm this is indeed the expected behaviour?

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In Views the "exclude" status of a field means that this field is not rendered at the field place, but the value is still available as a token or in the $data: variable.
This allow a custom rendering using the "Global:text" field or custom : field:php code.

Step to reproduce:

  • add a Views PDF views_wiew_field
  • add a global : texte field
  • insert in the texte areal the [include] token
  • Observe that the field is rendered 2 times
  • Make the Views PDF views_wiew_field excluded
  • Observe that nothing is rendered, though the global:text field should have still displayed the field value.
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Priority: Normal » Major
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Can you please make a patch?

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Issue summary: View changes
Priority: Major » Normal
Status: Needs work » Postponed

Well need help with the Drupal 6 branch.

For now I don't have any time to start look the code. Can someone submit a path?

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I don't know how to create a patch. That is a really simple fix to comply with the expeted behaviour of the "exclude from display" option of a field (if it was what is currently done, one would simply remove the field...)

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Official info: https://drupal.org/node/707484

Extra info:


With a simply google search, I'm trying with this to help you to learn how to help me and help others. Is simply, no harm, try this make a patch.

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Status: Postponed » Closed (won't fix)

6.x is no longer supported.