First - thanks. Lots and lots of thanks! It's a great module and it's just what i need!

My question would be is it possible to tag parent terms together with the selected term. Now it only tags last term in the hierarchy.


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Unfortunately it's not possible to store multiple values with Simple hierarchical select (as done by Hierarchical select for example).

Why exactly do you need the parent? Only for display purposes?
Simple hierarchical select comes with a display formatter (see "Manage Display" next to your content types field configuration) that outputs the lineage of the selected term.
Say you have this hierarchy:

- parent 1
-- child 1.1
-- child 1.2
-- child 1.3
--- grandchild 1.3.1
--- grandchild 1.3.2
- parent 2
-- child 2.1
-- child 2.2

If you select "grandchild 1.3.1" the formatter will output "parent 1 > child 1.3 > grandchild 1.3.1".

Maybe this helps you somehow ...

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I need to tag all of the term lineage for content filtering, that when user browse through content he would see filtered nodes at each step of the hierarchy. Fo example when you select only parent1 you'd see all nodes of child1.1+child1.2+child1.3 and so on.

I'm trying to find a way around this as this module makes browsing much more elegent.

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Ah ok.
This would be possible by replacing the term pages with Views and using the (exposed) filter "Content: Has taxonomy terms (with depth)".
With this filter (using my example from above) you'll get all nodes tagged with "parent 2", "child 2.1" and "child 2.2" after setting the filter to "parent 2" or calling the page for "parent 2".

Does this help?

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Yes it does, however i don't know what's the next step if from your described view i want to narrow down results to let's say child2.1 nodes.
I imagine i should have all children links displayed in a group in this view. Then you'd just click on any child's link at it would get you to the view with selected child's nodes.

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The filter I've mentioned will display a list of all terms of the selected vocabulary (even as hierarchical list if you want). This way you can switch to each single term page.

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Closed (works as designed)