This alert is caused by the undefined text format of the footer in the views signup_available_signups and signup_current_signups. Open the view, select under No 'results behavior' the footer text and select the text format 'plain text', save the view.

Other modules than signup had comparable problems with coded views.


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Issue summary: View changes

I fixed it by giving users the permission to "View all signups"; this has no admin capabilities. Hope this helps someone else. Module works great after figuring this out.

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When a user clicks the signup tab on an article they get a blank page.

"recent log messages" throws this alert: Missing text format: 1.

All functionality works fine from automatically opening the signup for users to administering the settings on the admin side but nobody is able to signup. This is the only error I have but it breaks all functionality of this module.

* Tried disconnecting the CCK date field (since there are other pending errors with this)
* Made certain the signup status was open
* Tried several different test user accounts.

Fixed with #1

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

Didn't see this when I posted the patch at #2714755: Watchdog: Missing text format: 1, but it has the patch and explanation, so I'm closing this.