I have payment set to paypal, when the user enters the checkout the Payment Pane is not showing, but after the buyer completes the Review order step and indicates a payment option anc clicks on next step, suddenly the Payment Step appears in the progress bar while the user is being redirected. I would prefer (I consider this a usability issue reducing customer confusion) that the Payment Step is always present rather than appearing/dissapearing.
I get the behaviour I'd have expected if I comment in commerce_checkout_progress.module > commerce_checkout_progress_get_items() these lines:

    // // special case at commerce_payment_redirect page, this page is not empty
    // // but in some cases, it just redirects user to next step.
    // // code in this block copied from commerce_payment_redirect_pane_checkout_form().
    // // See commerce_payment_redirect_pane_checkout_form() for more detail.
    // if ($id === 'commerce_payment_redirect') {
    //   $order = menu_get_object('commerce_order');
    //   if (!empty($order->data['payment_method'])) {
    //     $payment_method = commerce_payment_method_instance_load($order->data['payment_method']);
    //     if (!empty($payment_method['offsite'])) {
    //       if (arg(3) !== 'return' || arg(4) == $order->data['payment_redirect_key']) {
    //         $callback = commerce_payment_method_callback($payment_method, 'redirect_form');
    //         if ($callback) {
    //           $pages[$pane['page']]['has_item'] = TRUE;
    //         }
    //       }
    //     }
    //   }
    //   continue;
    // }

It seems that in my configuration the line $pages[$pane['page']]['has_item'] = TRUE; is not reached while I expect it to be set (commenting this piece of code defaults to the next line where
// pane has page ID, use this value to flag that the page is not empty.
$pages[$pane['page']]['has_item'] = TRUE;
is set for all pages.


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I would like to second this.
If the payment pane has active items it should appear.

Thanks for the temporary solution.

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Updated issue summary.

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