Drupal 8

Checkout progress block has been added to core.


Adds a block visible on checkout pages that shows what step of the checkout process the user is currently on. The status is an unordered list with each checkout page title being an item. The active page is designated in the list with an "active" class.


  1. Enable module entitled "Commerce Checkout progress". It's within the "Commerce (contrib)" group.
  2. Visit example.com/admin/structure/block and move the block to the correct region. The title is "Checkout progress indication".
  3. Click "configure" link to right of title. Configure what checkout pages the block should show on. You should see a checkbox for each checkout page. As new pages are addd to the site they will need to be added.
  4. Starting in version 1.1 you can set the progress as an ordered or unordered list and if previously visited pages should be links on the checkout settings page. /admin/commerce/config/checkout
  5. Add something to your cart. Visit a checkout page.


Drupal Commerce is required.

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