I tried to build the latest version (7.x-2.0-rc2) using drush make, but several patches cannot be applied.

Here the list of outdated patches:

panels_everywhere patched with use-entity-context-1550294-4.patch. [error]
panelizer patched with panelizer-duplicates-1412022-22.patch. [error]
ctools patched with 1252398-ctools-blocks-without-block-module-6.patch. [error]
email patched with email-contact_form_formater-1264210-21.patch. [error]
entity patched with entity-field-label-handler-1435418-5.patch. [error]
file_entity patched with file-entity-ctools-content-types.patch. [error]
entity_translation patched with translation-access-plugin-1516202-2.patch. [error]
entity_translation patched with dont-prevent-translations-on-update.patch. [error]
wysiwyg patched with wysiwyg-change-epiceditor-path-1841424-2.patch.  [error]
apps patched with apps-offline-1621474-19.patch. [error]

The full log is attached.

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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

That's basically all patches that we have, something must have went wrong somehwere on your end. I'm running drush 5.8, and that worked fine for me.

Could you run drush make with --debug and --verbose on? That should give us some more information.

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Title: Outdated patches in drush make files » patches not applying in drush make files if using drush 4
Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Active

Seems to be related with drush. The system was running drush 4.6 after updating it to 5.8 the patches applied.
Sorry, I should have done a drush make with --debug and --verbose before updating drush, but forgot about it.

I updated the title to be more specific.

Feel free to close the issue if you don't support drush 4.