Is there a simple way to get the Colorbox to pick up the view_mode for Colorbox from the content type Manage Display settings and display as defined there? Rather than displaying the entire node?

I've trawled through other requests but have found nothing and can see nothing in the documentation that provides clues on how the colorbox is being generated. I've tried with and without iframe, different classes (#content, #main-content, etc. according to my theme) and haven't yet found a simple way to do this.

It strikes me that this should be quite fundamental, so perhaps I've missed something...?


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Title: Colorbox to show teaser rather than full node » Colorbox to respect view_mode rather than always display full node
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Category: support » bug

I've now been through every setting and possible connotation that I can find and I'm convinced that FullCalendar ignores view_mode settings as well as any template file (tpl.php). It will always display a full node in Colorbox.

Therefore, I'm respectfully submitting this as a bug report and apologise in advance if you disagree (or if the culprit is Colorbox itself) but, imo, the module should allow a way to override and theme the node in the Colorbox separately.

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Thanks, Patrick, I was looking for that too (still am).