I have created some new variation types and their product display, setting them up exactly like one of the existing demo products added during installation but the product_thumbnail refuses to display in both the add to cart confirmation popup and the cart page itself. My new variants have the exact same settings in their displays as the demo products. Adding any of the demo products to the cart and the thumbnail displays.

This is doing my head in, anyone come across this issue?

#2 wrong _image_in_popup.jpeg49.81 KBlolandese
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In addition, I just edited a pre existing demo product that only had one variant and added another, and when I add it to the cart the thumnails dont display either. But adding the variant that already existed for that product to the cart the thumbnail displays.

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Hi. I ran in a very similar issue. I add it here because it is probably the same underlying code causing it. Editing a pre-existing demo product with a new image, leads to a cart confirmation popup that still shows the image of the demo product (see attachment).

It seems that the product display on the commerce add to cart confirmation doesn't use the image field with the relationship of product (see also http://drupal.org/node/1838660#comment-6870460). That explains also that on a content type (for example: Administration > Content > Settings > Content types > Bags & Cases > Manage display > Product list) you find the field Product: Image that displays the right image and on the cart confirmation view the field is called just Image (Administration > Store settings > Product settings > Variation types > Bags & Cases > Manage display > Add to cart confirmation view).

No time now to look deeper into it, but it might help to come closer to the cause of this bug.

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I found the following work-around for my issue in #2 (showing the wrong image in the popup).


  • In the popup click on the contextual link "Edit View".
  • Add the relationship "Commerce Line item: Product".
  • Add the field "Commerce Product: Image" with the relationship "Product".
  • Formatter "Image delta".
  • Image style "product_thumbnail".
  • Apply.
  • Rearrange to put it on top.
  • Save the View.

In admin/commerce/config/product-variation-types/bags-cases/display/add_to_cart_confirmation_view:

  • Move the "Image" field to the hidden area.

Let me know if this work-around also solves the original issue (not showing the image).

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Title: Can't get product_thumbnail to display in cart for new variants » [DOCUMENTATION] Can't get product_thumbnail to display in cart for new variants
Category: bug » task

You need to go to Variation Types, and in "Manage Display" configure the "Product in cart" and "Add to cart confirmation view" view modes (enable the images there).

We should document this, and investigate automatic configuration of related view modes (when a new variation type is created).

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I am having this issue also. If I add a new product of any of the demo store types, it won't display the thumbnails in both the cart view and the add to cart confirmation box.

We should be able to control the thumbnails by the method mentioned in #4, but making these changes in "Manage Display" for "Product in cart" and "Add to cart confirmation view" has no effect (Because of Image vs Product:Image fields as explained in #2?).

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There is a usable answer, so closing. Open if it is still an issue.

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