So this could be a "works as designed" situation, but I think solving this would be an improvement to the way that DS Extras finds field templates/functions. I think there this is the same issue mentioned at #1265920-24: The theme's field.tpl.php should be used unless field display settings exist when "Default" option is selected.

I'm using DS Extras to specify a default field template and I'm choosing "Minimal". So all my Display Suite fields are going to use the Minimal field template. For one specific field, field_event_dates, I choose "Drupal Default" as the field template in the Manage Display UI.

When ds_extras_preprocess_field() gets called, I would think that the theme_hook_suggestions should end up like:


These are the "Drupal default" suggestions before ds_extras_preprocess_field() is called.

Instead, this field ends up switching to the minimal field templates, as specified in the ft-default variable (via the DS Extras configuration UI).

I think the correct way that ds_extras_preprocess_field() should handle this situation is to just leave the theme_hook_suggestions alone since I am specifying "Drupal default" as the field template rather than specifying "The configured DS Extras default field template". To put it another way, if you select a default field template (Minimal, Full Reset), there is no other way of getting back to the Drupal default field template for a specific field.



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A rather simple patch attached that possibly solves this issue. Feedback needed and welcome.

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Status:Active» Needs review

Hmm this makes very much sense indeed, setting to needs review so I can let it test next week.

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Status:Needs review» Reviewed & tested by the community

Patch tested, and makes perfect sense!

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Version:7.x-2.x-dev» 8.x-2.x-dev
Status:Reviewed & tested by the community» Patch (to be ported)

committed and pushed on 7.x-2.x and 7.x-1.x, thanks!
Moving to 8.x-2.x.

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Status:Patch (to be ported)» Closed (fixed)

And committed and pushed to 8.x-2.x branch as well.