There seems to be degradation of the Skinr implementation in OO

I tried to upgrade an rc7 oo site which uses mix and match and had to pull back

As far as I can tell there is no equivalent or alternative to a front end ui for styling blocks, panels etc

What's the plan?


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the future of Skinr and AdaptiveThemes

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We're moving gradually to AdaptiveTheme from Fusion. I'm hoping to add back in Skinr support by the time we remove Fusion, but that's not yet complete. The version of Mix and Match that ships with Open Outhreach is patched to work with Fusion Accellerator (Fusions' custom replacement for Skinr). So, probably, you just need to enable the Fusion Accellerator module that provides skins, and remove Skinr, though you'll also have to manually redo the skins. See the notes for the release where we made the switch to Fusion Accellerator:

Re AdaptiveThemes, see my comment at #1883912-12: Adopt Skinr and add Skinr Libraries.

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No plans to reintroduce skinr.