I think it would be nice to be able to add terms on the node/add form (I use commerce_backoffice) when providing tags to the catalog.

Right now, I have a few taxonomy vocabularies. When I use widgets like those provided by the Hierarchical Select module, or the Autocomplete_deluxe module, which provide the option to add terms to the vocabulary by tagging them or, in the case of Hierarchical Select even on select lists by choosing 'create new term' it produces errors and terms are not stored correctly.

Currently, it seems only Drupal core's taxonomy autocomplete tagging widget works. The above mentioned widgets, cause errors and terms are not stored correctly.

It would be nice, in terms of user experience, to be able to use these sort of widgets for Drupal ecommerce.


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Project: Drupal Commerce » Commerce Backoffice
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Not sure if the catalog integration comes from Backoffice or not, but it definitely doesn't come from core.

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Thanks for moving the issue, you are right, this is more related to Commerce_backoffice than core, however, it does overlap with this (old) issue: #1559968: Variation with new term added not displayed correctly.

If it's not the widget that creates issues (in the case of hierarchical_select) then it's the free tagging bug from the issue mentioned above (autocomplete_deluxe).

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Just discovered the core tagging widget does work, just the enhanced alternatives provided by contrib modules don't.