the default images styles that come with commerce kickstart are:

  • blog_full
  • blog_medium
  • hp_slideshow
  • thumbnail
  • medium
  • large
  • product_full
  • product_medium
  • product_thumbnail
  • frontpage_block

it would be nice that taxonomy images also have one of 941x219 (with your css).

also, images have not an smaller version for mobile devices what it is not recomended.
this could be resolved by making the other version of your styles with smaller sizes and assigning them by css.

thanks a lot for the distribution :)


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Title: image styles: create for taxonomy images and for smaller images for mobils » Responsive images and styles

i think this could be a more generic issue as true Responsive images and styles.

what about use something like Responsive images and styles module?

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We should probably consider the Picture module that's being used for Drupal 8. We will have to include the Breakpoints module as well.