just wonder if it would be a good idea that the later version of the module will support collection clone. I just realize that if that's possible it would save a lot of time adding same fields for a same field collection, if a specific collection, for example, for shipping information (first name, last name, street, city, zip code, phone number, etc.) applies to multiple places. Any feedback would be appreciated.


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I don't think it is duplicate. The problem solved on the link at #2 doesn't refer to the question here.
As I understand it, and that's why I came to see the answer, is as folows.

Some user profiles, may use some slightly different field collections

Profile_type_1 is using field_collection_1 made with field_A, field_B, field_C
Profile_type_2 is using field_collection_2 made with field_A, field_B, field_D

In a real use case, field_collection_X might be made with 20 fields, only one is changing.

Thus, it would be convenient to be able to create field_collection_2 at cloning the structure of field_collection_1, then on the field management, one can remove the field which is not appearing in it, and adding the new one.

I search without success for a solution to this, everything is sending to the cloning of the entity using a field collection, but not to the cloning of the field_collection itself.