After updating to rc7 I have found that I am getting the following errors when creating or editing content
Notice: Undefined offset: 7 in entityreference_options_list() (line 775 of /srv/bindings/dee0793c0154472d817d676b0945b207/code/profiles/openoutreach/modules/contrib/entityreference/entityreference.module).
Notice: Undefined offset: 10 in entityreference_options_list() (line 775 of /srv/bindings/dee0793c0154472d817d676b0945b207/code/profiles/openoutreach/modules/contrib/entityreference/entityreference.module).

I am not certain but I think it relates to redhen crm in some way as I have created 2 organisations/groups and when content is created users can choose to make it public or restrict access to one or other of the groups - following the update I now have only one group showing as a choice when creating content.


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did some more checking and strangely if I change the redhen field widget to autocomplete in the content type and then create new content and put in the group name I get an error saying
multiple references match this reference and a list of the groups including their node numbers
if i then put in the full reference as indicated for the group i want - example: Committee (ClubCommittee) (10)
then it works fine.

However this will be complicated to remember and use for ordinary users - I would just like the groups to show up properly with tick/radio boxes

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This error seems to releate to configuration you've added to your site using the redhen groups submodule, which we don't use in Open Outreach, so this isn't directly an Open Outreach issue. I'd suggest looking in the redhen or entityreference issue queues. If you don't find something, you might move this issue to redhen.

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

thanks I have moved the issue