Pressing 'Add another item' button does not load another instance of collected fields.

I have tried both current version and dev version of this module but no luck.

I am using 3 fields in the field collection: 2 Hierarchical Select field widget one limited to one value while other limited to unlimited values. The third field is checkboxes. Please see the image attached.

I am using field collection in Profile2 module to create a sign up form for certain group of users.

In the beginning Add another item button could load another instance of collected fields but after couple of weeks it has disappeared. Not sure what happend. Since pressing the button does not even generate an error.

I have also tried a simple field collection but still no luck.

I have found that many people have this error but I could not find a right solution.
Any help is highly appreciated.

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edited to provide additional details.

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Changing priority as it only affects people using hierarchical select and the module is still usable for single field collection items and I am guessing new values could still be added by using the non embedded forms.

If anybody can confirm this or provide steps to reproduce that would be helpful.