When migrating from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 using CCK module, but without migrate, fatal error happens due the missing migrate module:

+ drush -y content-migrate-fields
PHP Fatal error:  Class 'MigrateSimpleFieldHandler' not found in /var/www/dfr7/www7/sites/all/modules/contrib/phone/phone.migrate.inc on line 34

Migrate is not a hard dependency for this module, and must remain optional, the right way to solve this is to move the MigratePhoneFieldHandler class definition into its own file, and specify this file into the files[] info for core to be able autoload it. Proceding this way, this class will be loaded only when the migrate module will spawn it and avoid those fatal errors in all other cases.

I am writing a patch, wait a few minutes.



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I confirm that the code looks ok, we bumped into this issue and the patch solved it.

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FYI: I just downloaded and enabled the migrate module and this issue went away

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Which is heretic, this dependency should not be forced.

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this patch works well only tested with dev version, phone migration complete, thank you

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This solved my upgrade problem as well.