This issue queue is the starting gun for evaluating Drupal 8 examples.

We'll move it to fixed after D8 core feature freeze, or maybe feature complete.

Discussion is of course welcome. :-)

Update: Also of utmost relevance: #1532612: Move Examples Project into Drupal core and #1880976: [meta] Port examples to D8


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Additionally, some of the most important examples for D8 will involve new ways of doing things in D8. They may supercede examples that already exist. Like the configuration example.

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link to discussion of d8 examples in core

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I have been reviewing the current timeline:

  • (201103??--20121201) Development Phase(end named "feature freeze"): major new APIs, new features, etc.
  • (20121201--20130218) Feature Completion Phase(end named "feature complete"): allows for tying up loose ends on features that are already committed, or significantly in progress.
  • (20130218--20130701) Clean-Up Phase(end named "code freeze"): is for stabilization, better consistency, and completing conversions to new APIs.
  • Polish Phase(ends with RC1): moves to focus on the upgrade path, performance optimization, and improving docs.
  • Release Phase: to crank on critical bugs until we release!

We already reached a kind of stable D8(think APIs) after feature freeze, so I think it's save to start porting main examples. APIs should no longer be changed drastically in current feature completion phase, but code freeze feature complete should give us full stability(in terms of APIs, again), so this issue should be closed at most on February 18th, 2013 if I got it right.

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Status: Postponed » Fixed

Based on schedule, I'm fixing this issue. If for some reason feature completion is extended (I do not think so), we could re-open it.

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Let the games begin. :-)

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Add main porting meta issue to summary.