There have been several entries in the issue queue in regards to documentation and UI.

I propose to use this issue as a centralized location for UI/documentation changes specifically for the server configuration aspect of LDAP.

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LDAP can be a mystery for many people. I know I was lost early on and had to ask our security/AD admin many questions to understand the structure.
So the question is how to properly document/provide help docs in the UI. Having help along side the user input fields is great, but can cause the entry screens to be pretty cluttered IMO.

Attached is my first shot at breaking some of the help fields out from the form entry code.

Discuss. Is this the way to proceed or should the help remain where it is in the forms themselves?

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Title: Server Configuration Documentation » LDAP Servers: Server Configuration Documentation

Great. This is helpful. I can't agree with your more on the importance of usability; I started working on this module by creating the ldap help module for d6. I like your patch.

Here's the areas of documentation I see and where improvements can be made. I prefer to do them all at once and cross reference them as people have different ways of learning. For example, do ldap server across all modes at once. Then move on to ldap authentication, user, etc.

We can keep the scope of this thread on the UI documentation for LDAP Servers, I just want to keep in mind the counterparts of it.

  • wizards, and form validation. these are lacking and can involve ldap introspection. Once a particular implementation of ldap server is selected (ad, openldap, etc), inline documentation, defaults, etc could change. Some stronger warnings and error catching could be added to catch odd configurations or configurations that are outside the particular ldap (ad, openldap, etc). admin/config/people/ldap/servers/add.
  • reference ldap to test against. this is coming along, just looking for someone to set it up and host it.
  • documentation. this needs to finished and updated to current configuration.
  • test and sample generation in UI. admin/config/people/ldap/servers/test/SERVER_ID
  • Sample Drupal Features.
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Status: Needs review » Needs work

The last submitted patch, 1: 1861192_server_help_docs.patch, failed testing.

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