Our image directory has over 21,000 files in it. IMCE tries to create a list of all of these files when I go to upload an image. I even try to switch directories quick, so it doesn't have to load all of those files into the file list, but it doesn't work.

Is there anyway I can limit the amount of files the list tries to load to stop this from timing out or does anyone have a fix for this? It makes it impossible to use IMCE at the moment.


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I have similar problem, I have resolved this with this information http://helpdesk.getpantheon.com/customer/portal/articles/805234-working-...

I hope help

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Thanks, but now my 'Browse Server' button completely disappeared. I even put the old page.inc in and cleared the cache... I'll have a look and see what I did :( Thanks for your help though!

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Actually Secure Pages was causing the button to disappear... But it still times out before it loads all the files.

I just created a new directory and will start putting all our article images in there. Probably best to split them up anyway, that directory is getting out of control (I didn't start this site, it's killing me because I'm an organizational freak and files are EVERYWHERE).