What is the purpose of the FTP setup? Not really clear on that. If modules can be installed easily from the web GUI, and I have complete access to my own server, why would I even need the FTP option? I don't like leaving an FTP server running for a number of reasons, so this seems to be a required step, but totally unnecessary in my situation. I'd love to be able to bypass this if the reason for it doesn't apply to me.


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Okay, just answered my own question.

It seems that it not only wants access to my FTP account, but that it wants said FTP account to point to the directory that holds my Drupal installation.

Honestly, this is not a wise thing.

I host a number of websites, each in its own directory, with this format: /var/www/websites/sitename.com

For convenience's sake, they are all owned by user www-data. If I point that user to /var/www/websites/adrupalsite.com, I will have to do the same for the 10+ other Drupal sites I manage. That means creating a user for each Drupal website, assigning all of those users to the www-data group, then assigning each user to /var/www/websites/hisdrupalsite.com as his home directory.

Bad form, guys.

Drupal can install modules without an FTP connection. Why can't OpenEnterprise?

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I agree, because of the FTP i skip this distro.

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FTP requirement meant that I was unable to continue with the installation. Shame because it seems a totally unnecessary step that will prevent lots of people from trying this out.

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Yeow... glad I read this before installing the Open Enterprise. I'm only responding to this, because the dev might want to look into this and change it.

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I've run into this too now. Just installed oe twice. can't get away from the ftp thing. A total waste of time, guess I have to keep looking. I will try a standard install and add apps connectors and apps. Too bad OE requires ftp. I like the look of the distro otherwise.

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No response? This fits the critical criteria for Drupal.org so I'll update it that.

It's true, you can't get past the ftp (at least not on my multi-site Drupal setup.) This looks to be the case with most posters here.

Also, why is it trying to go to an external site to download files? Mine is hung up on trying to download http://jacklmoore.com/colorbox/colorbox.zip. Why not include the files you need in the distro?

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This seems to be a dead project, unfortunately

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Ah. That makes sense. You don't find too many D7 projects dead. Thanks for the heads up.

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Distributions are very difficult to keep updated, especially when developer doesn't use standard drupal folder/file structure. This forces the dev to keep updating continuously, because new updates is a constant thing with Drupal.

After a time the devs get busy with other things, and lets the distribution cool in to obscurity.

I don't blame them for doing the full out distribution, auto enabling modules and doing presets. It is really nice, but it would be better if they just did a standard drupal install with standard modules. Then provide a document for users to follow for enabling modules and building presets.

This way they would not have to do an all or nothing upgrade of their distribution package. Users could update their individual modules as advised.

Also, just a side note. Most distributions don't document all the things they do in providing a distribution, so many users don't really have a good idea of what to do when they have problems. This in turn creates alot of requests for support from the dev.

Just my thoughts on this, not trying to ruffle any feathers.

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@#9 I can completely agree with that. Most of the time documentation is bad all around--not just distributions. That's not an issue exclusive to Drupal. Almost every developer I know and work with have a hard time with documentation. If they're not chasing down a new bug or getting new feature requests thrown on top of them, there's always something else coming their way. It's hard. I get it and in an ideal world we could do something about it.

I like distributions and while I have seen a couple that would break if you updated the individual modules, I haven't seen one like this yet. Most are pretty good and let you update once you install so there's no real issue. But this one could use some of that much needed documentation you mention.

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Sorry I haven't been paying attention.

Just to be clear, we didn't pick the update mechanisms. Those are set using the Apps module just like all other distributions that use apps. The apps module uses the core update mechanism to install projects and files. This isn't really about open enterprise.

As for the distribution. We have been working on it internally all along but haven't had the time to keep up the community for a while. If you look closely you can see a radically different 7.x-3.x branch although it is not in a releasable state yet.

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I agree, the FTP approach is almost a show stopper of its own.

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FTP is not required for Open Enterprise. In fact, that entire functionality is part of core Drupal. Open Enterprise uses the Apps module (in version 1.x) which exposes the core functionality to install modules from the UI. See https://drupal.org/node/895232#using-drupal-interface.

Not only that but there are actually 3 ways to do apps install, ftp being only one of them. All of these are part of the Apps module NOT OPEN ENTERPRISE.

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