Demo or default content provides an important leg up for new users. Good examples include the sample content installed on Drupal Gardens and the demo content that ships with Commerce Kickstart.

Work completed

Work is in new module, openoutreach_migrate.

  • Introduce import support using the Migrate module.
  • Write demo content with accompanying images for several features (blog, article, section, event).

The demo content serves multiple purposes:

  • Provides some documentation and initial pointers.
  • Provides initial site content that can be customized.
  • Gives an idea of how the site design looks when populated with content.

To support custom installs and also migrations to Open Outreach, the demo content can be replaced with custom CSV files and images. To do so, simply copy the 'import' directory and its content, renaming the directory 'local', and then customize the import files.

User interface changes

New checkbox on install configure form for selecting sample content.

API changes

Migrate classes for selected content types can be used for other migration purposes.

Required #1536136: Decide standard Debut solution for default content.


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We should base this on Migrate. Useful reference post: Will also facilitate #1866758: Long-term maintainability of Open Outreach.

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+1 for Migrate.

How Kickstart does it:
1) Kickstart specific modules (blog, slideshow, product) register migrations (hook_migrate_api).
2) Based on user input, a batch step during installation enables the needed Kickstart specific modules.
3) Another batch step runs all found migrations. Our code for that is not perfect, hence #1763508: Reimplement Migrate integration in the installer.

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Maybe do a survey ? Top 10 content items

Check guidelines from nngroup or new organizing institute..

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thats cool

had the thought of generating mass site networks with aegir, maybe in combination with aegir feeds

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Title: Ship Open Outreach with app-specific demo or default content » Ship Open Outreach with feature-specific sample content
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