This is a followop to #1855660: Forgerocks OpenIDM stack / OpenDJ / OpenAM (formerly OpenSSO) and Ldap module?


A hosted set of public ldaps with the same groups and users implemented to mimick various common ldap implementations (openldap, opendirectory, active directory). Perhaps LDIFS available for developers and perhaps AMIs with writeable ldap data. These might be hosted as,, etc.

Utility and Use Cases:

  • Developers: Having live ldap to run automated tests against.
  • Application support: having reference ldap debug user's issues against
  • Drupal, Moodle, Wordpress, etc. Admins: Having reference ldap to differentiate local php, php ldap extension, local ldap, etc issues from configuration issues.
  • Documentation: having live ldap to refer to. Perhaps the ldaps could even have a web ui for admins trying to understand ldap.

Possible Approach

  • Have groups and users in .csv or other format
  • Have script to generate various ldap ldiffs from these and import them into ldaps
  • Make ldifs, .csvs, and ldaps publicly available