I'm trying to create a custom report to show sum of cost price for orders.

However, when I try to calculate ubercart cost price I get the following error:

user warning: Unknown column 'uc_orders.order_total_cost' in 'field list' query: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM (SELECT MAX('') AS order_id, MAX('SUM') AS TOTAL_SUM, MAX('') AS users_name, MAX('') AS uc_orders_primary_email, MAX('') AS delivery_countries_country_name, MAX('') AS uc_orders_created, MAX('') AS uc_orders_order_status, SUM(uc_orders.order_total_cost) AS unknown, MAX('') AS uc_orders_order_total FROM uc_orders uc_orders LEFT JOIN users users ON uc_orders.uid = users.uid LEFT JOIN uc_countries delivery_countries ON uc_orders.delivery_country = delivery_countries.country_id WHERE users.uid in ('33') ) count_alias in /home/.../public_html/modules/views/plugins/views_plugin_pager.inc on line 141.

Calculations work fine with sell price, but doesn't seem to work with cost price. I've tried it on a different website and I'm still getting the same error.

On one of the sites, I upgraded to v3.x (views calc). I don't get any errors, buy no calculations is done.

Please help!



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The D6 version is no longer supported.