I am trying to change the colour of a menu item. I have done this for a Drupal 6 website, however, the same tactic is not working on Drupal 7?

This is the Drupal 6 website: http://www.mangolive.com/
The "Client Login" Tab in the Main Menu is purple. This works excellent.

This is the Drupal 7 website: http://www.itools.co.nz
In this page, the "Client Login" remains in bold black colour. I want to make this purple as well, how can I do this?

When I did this for the Drupal 6 site it was easy – I just added a couple of lines of code to the style sheet:

#nav li.last a {
color: #6e3c8c;

I just did the same for the Drupal 7 style sheet but didn’t make any difference so I’m sure it works differently on Drupal 7. The page source says the class is now called ‘last leaf’ but that didn’t work either:

< li class="last leaf">< a href="https://telecom.itoolsonline.com/" title="Client Login" >Client Login< /a>

There are spaces within the code to avoid making it readable by Drupal html


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"last leaf" is not a class, it is two classes "last" and "leaf".

I see no element with an id 'nav', I do see one with the id of 'block-system-main-menu' so you might try

#block-system-main-menu li.last a {
color: #6e3c8c;
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Thanks! It worked

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HTML code was mistaken as an actual code, so I had to break it up to make it unreadable by the system