Hi guys loving Advanced Forum, but I have been scratching my head with this for a while so I hope someone can help me.

I am trying to remove "Add new comment" from the page title and also remove "Your name" as they are not required due to not allowing anonymous posting.

I have managed to remove it from the node comment page by using:


In my comment-wrapper.tpl.php in my sites theme folder, but every time I click to reply in my advanced forum "Add new comment" shows as a page title and the "Your name" returns I have looked through loads of suspect files but this has me stumped.

Sorry if I'm asking this is in the wrong place or it has been asked before.

Any help greatly appreciated


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Managed to locate advanced-forum.naked.comment-wrapper.tpl which I thought would be the correct file to alter.

Applied the fix, but it works only so long as the "Show reply form on the same page as comments" is checked.

Which is not my desired effect.

I would like people to click on reply to topic. Is there something I have missed somewhere?

My advanced-forum.naked.comment-wrapper.tpl file now looks like this:

print $classes; " print $attributes; >
print render($content['comments']);
if ($content['comment_form']):

print t('');

print render($content['comment_form']);
print $reply_link;