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The Geomap module will render a Google map in a block.

The locations placed on the google map are obtained by
analysing the current page for GEO microformat informaton.
When this info exists, a map will be rendered, when there
is no location information, no map will appear.

More information on GEO Microformats:


The Geolocation module is required to use the Geomap Fields sub-module. Otherwise there is are requirements.


Note: It is assumed that you have Drupal up and running. Be sure to
check the Drupal web site if you need assistance. If you run into
problems, you should always read the INSTALL.txt that comes with the
Drupal package and read the online documentation.

  1. Download the geomap module. Optionally, download the geolocation module to use the geomap fields sub-module.
  2. Place the modules in a contributed modules directory, such as sites/all/modules.
  3. Enable the module by navigating to: Administer > Modules


  1. Go to Administer > Site Building > Blocks
    Assign the "Geo Microformat Googlemap" to a region

  2. Add some geo microformats to your pages.
    1. If using the optional Geomap Fields module:
      Navigate to Administer > Structure > Content Types > some type > Manage Fields
      Create a new field of type Geolocation
      Click on "Manage Display" to set the field display settings to "Geo Microformat Basic" (Geo Microformat)
      Update any field display settings on the right (See options below).
      Display that node field on the page.
      Click the 'Save configuration' button at the bottom to commit your changes.
      Add a node

    2. You can manually add a structured array and send it to the theme_geomap function.
    3. Add Geo Microformats markup directly to your page. This is the fastest method.
  3. Add the Geomap block to a page region: Administer > Structure > Blocks
  4. Customise your installation in Administer > Structure > Content > Geomap Settings
    1. Override the .js and .css files by placing them inside the folder "customisations"

Display options

The following pertains to the Geomap Field module's Geo Microformat Basic display style.

  1. Microformat Visible: {Yes, No}
  2. Microformat title: Specify a static title or use tokens to load the title of the marker dynamically.
  3. Latitdue and longitude display format: {Degrees, Decimal}
  4. Window text: Specify a static text or use tokens to load the text of the window dynamically.
  5. Marker options:
    1. Link to entity {Yes, No}
    2. Icon
    3. Shadow Icon
    4. Transparent Icon
    5. Anchors X, Y

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