I have a strange problem and hope someone can help me: In my project a group of users called "partners" should have their own content profile "partner's profile". For partners there are two roles as there are partners with basic features (role "partners") and partners with premium features ("premium partners"). Both roles have permissions to create partner's profile and to edit their own partner's profile.

Now the following appears: if a user with role "partners" created his profile and the role is changed to "premium partners" he will not be able neither to edit his profile nor to create a new profile. It leads to a "Acess denied" error. If it is the other way around (first the user has the "premium partners" role, creates his profile and then the role is changed to "partners") there is no problem: He can create the profile and even after role is changed he can edit his profile. But when he edited his profile while having "partners" role and the role is changed to "premium partners" the same problem appears.

I have no further access modules or something like that installed. Has anyone an idea what can cause this?