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I have a entityform that has several fields that have unlimited number of entries attached to them. The fields are displayed as a group using field groups (Multiple Fields Table). In order to be able to export them as a csv I have installed and enable views data export.
However, when I export the csv I get multiple entries of the same field.
So instead of
i.e two companies have listed a project they have each completed
I get

These items show fine in the table view that is provided by Entityforms, however, when I export it as a csv this happens. It keeps repeating itself for the number of additional entries.

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Please could I get some assistance with this. I cannot seem to find a similar issue and have been struggling for weeks now to find a solution

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Is there an solution found to this, I am having similar issue

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I am also having this problem using 7.x.3.0-beta8 and exporting an xml file. Also tried the dev version with the same problem. I am using it to create Commerce orders. It works fine when I choose commerce order fields. It also works fine when adding a relationship to shipping or billing information. The duplication problem occurs when adding a relationship to the commerce order: line items. Each order is duplicated with each order appearing twice. All the fields are identical in both copies except for the line item fields. The line item field content only appears in one of the copies.
I have included an export of the view if that helps.