How to set up drush

Last updated on
2 November 2016

Packaging .make files into distributions on requires the drush extension Drush, for running tests on makefiles. These instructions are to help you install Drush.

drush cache-clear drush

drush verify-makefile

  1. Install drush by following the instructions on the project page or in the README.txt file.
  2. Installation of drush extension could be done in two ways:
    1. Installation in user drush directory(preferred):
      1. Check that user drush directory exists: mkdir -p ~/.drush
      2. Put the latest version of drush in the user drush directory:
        cd ~/.drush;git clone --branch 7.x-1.x
    2. Installation in drush commands directory:

      git clone --branch 7.x-1.x

      1. Grab the latest version of drush via git, e.g.
      2. Move the drupalorg_drush directory under [path-to-drush]/drush/commands directory. (To find [path-to-drush] using the command line, enter which drush)
  3. Clear the drush cache, e.g.
  4. Verify that drush is installed by running one of the commands, e.g.

These instructions were originally by Kristen Pol, and can be found here.