I would like to see the ability to add additional meta information to any file that gets uploaded. For example, copyright information, author, caption, producer, etc... This info would then be made available to the process that renders the media asset in the WYSIWYG editor (just like Title and Alt) and to the Text Formatter for media tags.


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Well first part is already possible, you can add those fields to the file type you want, right?

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New version of Media module uses File Types that can be configured by an administrator visiting admin/structure/file-types/manage path (D7).

Customizing media uploader/editor by giving a user the ability to select what fields from media type should be editable there would make it very easy to create captions and similar stuff. Displaying the captions could be then implemented in a template or in some JS extractor or [somewhere else].

The question remains: will the caption be always the same, regardless of context and surrounding content? Some articles or news entries require that some images shouldn't have captions. Some sections too. So we need a switch that can tell if some image should have caption and that switch should be attached to this very image in a content. There is also third option: a caption that differs from the one assigned to a file – the same image may have many different meanings, depending on what the surrounding story is about. So the editor should have the ability to override the caption too.

HTML5 introduces data attributes. It might be clean solution to map certain fields from file types to them in order to read them later by some JavaScript or formatting filter and extract visible data like captions.

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@siefca This functionality is already available. It is my understanding that the fields you add to your file types should be considered global. They will be available anywhere that file is displayed. If you need different fields(per instance) then I would create a node type with a file field for that.

This issue is also discussed at #377066: Meta-Data Plan and Structure

Hope that helps