I am trying to install the openpublish 7.x-1.0.-beta7 on my local server.
On the step *Configure Site* I got an error
"Notice: Array to string conversion in _menu_router_build() (line 3603 of C:\wamp\www\openpublish\includes\menu.inc)."

This error repeats more than 100 times on the screen. I configured the site with sitename, user details etc and on the page *Drupal Installation complete* I am still gettting this again more than 100 number of times.

I could not find this issue in the issue queue. However, I could see similar issues raised by one person in drupal groups. He too was installing it on local server. Is it related to local server install?

Thanks in advance

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I believe this error is normally related to the use of php5.4.4 - which is the default php for MAMP. Using 5.3 or lower should fix this issue. Currently some of the modules do not work correctly in php 5.4

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Update the Drupal version (except profiles and sites folder), run update.php and the issue will be fixed. Still there will be a context module issue which can be also solved via:


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I tried to install OpenPublish and OpenPublic on UniServer, Windows 7 environment. I get the same error:

Notice: Array to string conversion in _menu_router_build() (line 3603 of F:\UniServer\www\OpenPublish\includes\menu.inc).

This repeats itself for few hundred lines.

How to resolve this error ?

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Change line 3603 in includes/menu.inc from:
array_multisort($sort, SORT_NUMERIC, $menu, SORT_STRING);
array_multisort($sort, SORT_NUMERIC, $menu, SORT_ASC);

That should fix the issue.

From: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17904933/notice-message-array-to-stri...