how about a pledge?


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8 months from now, sure I will do that.

Pitfall is that we are dependent on votingapi. I'm not aware of Drupal 8 plans there. Other options are writing our own storage or make it pluggable, but prefer votingapi for d8.

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Sorry, to reopen this.

I'm not a developer, but if I could spare a developer's capacity, I'm Interested in how much work is involved in getting Rate to be Drupal 8 ready for the community?

Or is it necessary to wait until there has been more progress on Voting API?

And is this process entirely controlled by the maintainer?

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There weren't any updates on the VotingAPI D8 port for 7 months now. Now sure if it will be there.
If possible - we will use the VotingAPI for storage of votes. If not - we should consider writing our own pluggable storage which can be replaced by a VotingAPI plugin later. But that will increase the amount of work to be done, while it doesn't add value in the long run.

Anyway, only the 2.x branch will be ported to D8.

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I don't have any plans on porting votingapi to D8. IMHO it would need a complete object oriented rewrite.

From Voting API #2379167: Drupal 8 port of Voting API.