how about a pledge?


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8 months from now, sure I will do that.

Pitfall is that we are dependent on votingapi. I'm not aware of Drupal 8 plans there. Other options are writing our own storage or make it pluggable, but prefer votingapi for d8.

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Sorry, to reopen this.

I'm not a developer, but if I could spare a developer's capacity, I'm Interested in how much work is involved in getting Rate to be Drupal 8 ready for the community?

Or is it necessary to wait until there has been more progress on Voting API?

And is this process entirely controlled by the maintainer?

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There weren't any updates on the VotingAPI D8 port for 7 months now. Now sure if it will be there.
If possible - we will use the VotingAPI for storage of votes. If not - we should consider writing our own pluggable storage which can be replaced by a VotingAPI plugin later. But that will increase the amount of work to be done, while it doesn't add value in the long run.

Anyway, only the 2.x branch will be ported to D8.

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I don't have any plans on porting votingapi to D8. IMHO it would need a complete object oriented rewrite.

From Voting API #2379167: Drupal 8 port of Voting API.

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Hi guys, does anybody knows if any development happened on Rate for D8? I already ported Voting API to D8(please see and i'm needing some feedback over the approach I chose (with Vote becoming an Entity and VoteResult becoming a D8 Plugin).

Would be great to have inputs from people that will actually extend the module, to see if it's doing good or need to change approach.

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Hi Pedo,
No yet, but D8 is coming closer. I will work on this soon.
I will take a look at VotingAPI in the coming days.

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@mauritsl, I just released an initial 8.x version of, that extends Voting API also, so you can see it as an example on how would be to work on Rate 8.x.

I'm open to every feedback at this moment, to see if the approach chose is good to go.

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are you planing to relase d8x version soon or are you waiting for the drupal 8 versions of other dependencies?

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Any work on D8 version for Rate? I need this module features and if someone is developing, we can join forces, otherwise i'll start from scratch.

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I just released a Voting API alpha version(, that has months of use in production, so it's stable, despite still open to feedback, feature suggestions and API changes.

I'm considering work on Rate 8.x port, so if anyone is willing to help, please let me know.

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See the rate D8 thread:

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I want to install this module using composer and the new Drupal packages repository (, but no packages are found for this project.

The requested package drupal/rate could not be found in any version

In cause, only 7.x releases exists.
Can you create a new release 8.x-1.x ?