I am getting this error in my status report since updating from beta 2 to beta 3

Possible conflicts with Page Title module
The Metatag module is able to customize page titles so running the Page Title module simultaneously can lead to complications.

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Yes. This was added on purpose because several people were reporting unwanted behavior when the two were installed. Do you need the Page_Title module?

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I've changed this so it's an INFO line rather than a WARNING.

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I've released beta4, hopefully all will go well with the new release :)

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Still get that error with beta 4 which is more like an advisory I guess. If I don't need the page title module I'll disable it. Can't remember the reasons I used it. Maybe with the current meta tags module I don't need to anymore.

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I currently am using the Page Title module because the Meta Tag module doesn't provide a token (to my knowledge) for the page's title like the Page Title module does. I need this token since I'm using it in pathauto to generate my URLs.

I'm assuming it is safe to use them together for this purpose?

(And btw, if a token does become available for the Page Title from the Meta Tag module, I probably won't need the second module anymore ;))

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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I have the same problem. The metatag module puts the title instead of PageTitle and cancels this function. And my interest me other features Page Title.

It would be interesting to override this in Metatag fución PageTitle to work, leave it as an option.

Thank you.

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@tronico: PageTitle is going to be deprecated in favor of Metatag, if there are specific features missing in Metatag that Page Title provides please open new issues for them.

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The problem is that I have 1000 titles with Page Title metatag and pass them manually is not feasible. Is there a script to migrate?.

And metatag does not support Pager Suffix

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