First of all sorry for crossposting this (I also posted at Mailhandler Issues) but I don't know if the problem is here or there.

I'm using Mailhandler and Feeds to import e-mail attachments from an IMAP mailbox. Everything works perfectly except for the fact that the attachments don't get saved at the specified directory of my custom File Field. The attachments always get saved at sites/default/files/mailhandler_temp.

This is a really important thing in my system. Is this the correct behavior?

Also, later, I plan to use either Storage API or Amazon S3 modules to save the attachments directly into S3. I already tested Storage API with Form Submitted Files and it works great. For this test, I used EXACTLY the same field where the problem (bug?) with Mailhandler/Feeds happens.

Am I missing something?


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nobody? :)