I was using Colorbox to present some static images on my site. I had configured it at admin/config/media/colorbox to use the "Default" style, and I changed a couple of the presentation options.

I then installed the media_gallery module, created a Gallery and set it to "show media in a Lightbox". Unfortunately the resulting lightbox does not respect my existing settings for Colorbox so the image size is different, scrollbars are present, the border is a different colour etc.

Would it not be better for media_gallery to respect the Colorbox settings for the site rather than provide its own ?

How can I control the styling of the media gallery Colorbox ?

Thanks for your help and I really hope this module makes it into a stable release - it is so close and would be so good ;-)

El B


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Aaaah. I ddn't realise that this module integrates directly with the Colorbox jQuery plugin, rather than the Lightbox module.

However my question still stands. How can I style the Colorbox to my own preference ?