The example doesn't remove the content type when you disable and uninstall.

Cheers Dan



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Ah. I had used Features to export the node type. I thought for sure it would have handled cleaning stuff up.

I'll add in the cleanup code.


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So how does one remove the flexslider_example content type? The drupal interface does not allow to remove it, probably because it if provided by features?


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Here is a patch that will delete all the Flexslider Example nodes and delete the FlexSlider Example content type.

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This is a bug with core and Features. But we can include this for now until that gets fixed.

But can you update the patch to use node_delete_mulitple instead?


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It also may need to run on hook_disable and not hook_uninstall. But you'd have to double check that.

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Title: FlexSlider Example » Cleanup flexslider example nodes on module disable/uninstall
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Committed a fix.

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Just passing by... noticed that the original request asked to remove the content type but the committed patch only removes the content of that type. The patch from comment 3 does include the deletion of the content type, but looks like that left out of the commit (I tested that and it worked for me).

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The easy way:

1. go to /admin/content/ and delete all "flex_slider_example" nodes
2. go to /admin/structure/types/manage/"flex_slider_example"/delete it will delete it

  • Commit d61cb76 on 7.x-2.x, startslide by minorOffense:
    Fix for [#1840288] Added entity field query during hook_uninstall().
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Looks like this is fixed? If not please re-open.

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