I have several hundred image nodes that have an image field and a term reference. The idea being each taxonomy term is an image gallery if I use views.

Is there any way I can add existing image nodes to Media Gallery? The taxonomy term would be the gallery that has several albums with multiple images on each node.



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I am not aware of any gallery conversion modules. So the conversion from image-nodes to media_gallery is not available.

Media Gallery uses the following:
Gallery Collections -> taxonomy term
Gallery (Album) -> node (with a media field)
Media -> media (files)

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I tried using the node convert module but cannot map the fields you have stated above. The Image content type I have has the following fields

Image Gallery (Term reference)
File attachments

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If you got image nodes from D6 image, try this query:
UPDATE file_managed
SET type='image'
WHERE type='undefined'

(More here: http://drupal.org/node/1946586 )