Relation between a themes active layout - and - Site template, in Panels Everywhere?

I apologize in advance, but I feel like a newbie when comes to relation between selected layout and which site panels it will be using? I don't have knowles in php-coding, but i like using PE and think at_panels_everywhere is is a great idea.

Is it possible to have a "selection rules" in a Site Template, to make a unique template for each device?
If not, how to use panels for "what to show" against different devices/(pages with)?
Is it possible?
- Or is my thought a big misunderstanding on how to use the possibilities between PE and AT panels_everywhere?

Please be patient with my question - I really try to understand...

(I have look in to "themekey" module function and instead making a lot of sub-themes, but i think that is a long shot )


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Allow me to explain myself a little bit more.

I want to be able to adapt communication to the respective device (iPhone, ipad and computer) via separate panels templates variants.

As it is now, I can only use two choices (iphone / computer) if I plug in browscap ctool. And it also means that I have to do use two variants, one where all setting in contents is off for mobile, and one more where all is on, and if I am not wrong, put them in same content-setting i PE.

What would be nice instead is a choice in the settings “selection rules” in Panels Everywhere for example named “reponsive layout” where there is choices pointing to the active themes different layouts (standard, tablet, smartphone etc), and by that be able to bild the graphics- and communications layout against each device/site with, trough different templates variants in PE who is responding to respectively themes page with or the devices .

Another way, could be if the themes respectively layout could "see" respectively PE-site-variants and be able to link to panels-site-variant for each page-width setting, but in that case you must set the variants up first, and other setting can make the variants to disappear - making other trouble...?

Is it a possible thinking?