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Responsive Panels Everywhere

This is an Adaptivetheme sub-theme that fully supports Panels Everywhere.

The basic concept is to combine the advanced theme settings and inherent responsive/mobile aware features of Adaptivetheme with the unmatched layout and context capability of Panels and Panels Everywhere.

Drupal 7

I have committed a D7 version of this theme to GIT.

Please use the 7.x-3.x version of Adaptivetheme as the base theme.

When you enable the site default template in Page Manager a new variant will load with sample panes pre-enabled, this will help you get started quickly.

I would like to work more on each pane-[template], such as making more of them by splitting up the messages and navigation templates. Suggestions are welcome.


Adaptivetheme starter theme (7.x-3.x)
Panels Everywhere
Chaos tool suite

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