Thanks for this awesome module!

I have got a problem statement in which I need to trigger some action before deleting field collection item. This option is not available yet.

Field collection events available in Rules are:

  • After saving a new field collection item
  • After updating an existing field collection item
  • Before saving a field colleciton item
  • After deleting a field colleciton item
  • Field collection item is viewed

I want one more option in this:

  • Before deleting a field colleciton item

I would be greatful if this feature is provided. Also, I am new to drupal coding. I would like to give an attempt to write an event for this, but I am not sure where can I write an event for field collection. I searched in fieldcollection module directory and rules module directory to check from where the events available in rules is comming from. But I could not find it. Please help!

Thanks in advance!


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Anyone on this??

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Subscribing to this, in desperate need of this. For some reason, rules does not update host entity field when the field collection is deleted and thus I'm hoping that before deletion of the field collection, the host entity field will get updated...