Using Rubik 7.x-4.0-beta8

When I try to create a feature using the new 7.x-2.0-alpha2 (which looks great!), I click on a component's fieldset-title to view the components. It expands and I see the components while it is expanding, but once it is fully expanded, the components disappear. I found the same result using Safari (6.0.1) and Chrome (22.0.1229.94), but there isn't an issue in Firefox.

It appears to be an issue with features.css line 369

fieldset.features-export-component .fieldset-wrapper .form-checkboxes {
max-height: 20em;
overflow: auto;

If I uncheck the overflow: auto;, I can see the text, but it doesn't scroll anymore. Adding width: 300px; to the class seems to solve the issue. I'm not sure if this is the best solution though. shows the bug in action.

#3 1832504-features-css-rubik.patch418 bytesmrfelton
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Confirmed. Not sure using 300px is a good fix since that can cause horizontal scrolling, but I'll look into it. The fun of supporting different Admin themes!

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Status: Active » Fixed

Fixed in commit 51ae177.

Looks like even a min-width fixes this, so I added min-width: 100px.

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Status: Fixed » Needs review
418 bytes

I have exactly the same problem, but the latest code with change from 51ae177 does not resolve. Attached patch resolves for me.

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Unfortunately, removing the padding at the top causes the display to mess up on some other admin themes. I'm trying to figure out why the change from 51ae177 fixed it for me but not for you. I was testing with Chrome.

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Still an issue with latest features/rubik?

  • mpotter committed 51ae177 on 8.x-3.x
    Issue #1832504 by nmillin: Fixed Components disappear when creating a...