I'd like to add a 'Translate' link (menu local task) to the display of a content profile and allow users to translate their own profile directly from their account. Currently this is only possible when a user is viewing the node outside the account - not very friendly. Help would be greatly appreciated.

Viewing a content profile from the user account looks as follows.

Viewing the node outside of the user account looks like this.

viewing node.png39.06 KBbisonbleu
viewing content profile.png36.01 KBbisonbleu
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Title: Adding a 'Translate' link when Multilingual support is enabled with translation » No 'Translate' link when Multilingual support is enabled with translation
Category: feature » support

Upgraded from 'feature request' to 'support request' in the hope that someone can help me find a solution.

Any hints about where I can find the beginning of an answer?
How I can go about this myself?

Thanks in advance!

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Category: support » bug

Upgraded from 'support request' to 'bug report'. Can anyone help me find a solution or make a suggestion? Pretty please... on my knees ? ;-)