Wondering if anybody else has seen this since 7.16 went live:

TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating 'this.name.charAt(0)')
states.js: 294

Error occurs if I have Conditional Fields active and add/edit a node, resulting in most of the javascript on the page failing. Disabling the module makes the error go away and everything else then works as expected.


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Appears that this is actually an issue with jQuery Update:

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#1815896: jQuery 1.7 and 1.8 breaks conditional #states forms

[Edit] I just realized the link in above comment.

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when you use the and, or, xor functionality you will get this error.
one dependent and one dependee seems to work fine with jquery 1.7

I had to delete all my conditional fields (removing the second value for the dependee and clearing cache didn't work. please report back if it works for you)
remove the above function
and then re-add them again
seems to work fine

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I'm using the base jQuery 1.4.4 with jquery_update and jqmulti disabled and I was finding my javascript on my /admin/people/create form was messed-up. It's taken me quite a while to track down what's been giving my site problems and this is probably it. I set this up so long ago I can't remember exactly but only having one dependent and one dependee is extremely restrictive, making the module useless in most cases for me. *sigh*

I don't believe I was using the and, or, xor functionality, can't remember.

Clearly this module isn't getting enough love so I'm disabling it with the expectation that it won't get fixed anytime soon, sadly.

I'm putting in a few keywords here to help people find this when searching to reduce their time debugging:

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Status: Active » Postponed

This isn't really conditional fields fault, so marking it postponed to indicate it's postponed on jquery update being fixed.