Based on Integrate Order Revisions with Views:

The product revision system is in place, but there's currently no way to view changes.

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Attached to this post is a patch that integrates product revisions with views and adds a revisions tab to the admin product view.

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looks ok to me. I would suggest making the default order to be by revision id. otherwise good to go.

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looks ok to me too...

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Agreed with Ryan about the default order and also added in a relationship to the user who created the revision. I'm not a huge fan of the administrative permission based access control - but I don't know a better way to inject access control into the View. Maybe we can consider a custom argument handler for our entities in the future if need be to make it based on permissions / product access. This gets the job done for now, though.

Thanks for the reviews.


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.