I can't see content with zen 3.1 -themes. Labels are shown but not the actual content of any field (including body).

Don't know what's causing this - I used an older site as a base for a new one; The old site's zenophile -built theme still works fine even on the new site, but when I created a new subtheme, I can't see any content. I switched the theme to garland and can see the content well. I tested both zen and starter theme 3.1 and neither of them shows the content, but 5.1 seems to work fine, as well as zenophile -created subtheme from 5.1.

I tested creating subthemes on two separate servers, and both have the same issue.

Perhaps latest drupal version has some conflict with zen 3.1 -version? I didn't see any errors though.


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Category: bug » support
Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)